Dive Park

Artificial Reef

Artificial Reef

Dive Site

Dive Site

Marine Habitat

Marine Habitat

A World First


First 747 and largest aircraft ever to be used as an artificial reef

First time a 747 is dismantled and transported by road through a city to the port for loading

Eco Friendly

First aircraft to be used as a reef which will have been processed in an truly eco-friendly and pollutant


First time a dismantled 747 has been transported long distances on a barge


First time a 747’s wings were removed employing methods designed to re-attach them in the same


First time any aircraft will be positioned at a “nose-up” angle to maximize coral growth

First time an aircraft has been structurally modified prior to submersion

First time any aircraft has been installed on bespoke foundation on the seabed

Park Concept

The world’s largest underwater theme park will cover an area of over 100,000 square meters. The dive site will have a 70-meter long decommissioned Boeing 747 as its centerpiece, the largest aircraft ever to be submerged. The site will provide an exceptional dive experience. Phase 1 of the project includes submerging the aircraft, a replica of a pearl merchant’s house and sail structures. Future phases of the project are still being studied but could include reef balls, ships and sculptures.


Explore Dive Bahrain in 3 easy steps


Choose a licensed dive center to organize trips to the park


Contact the selected dive center in order to organise your trip and pay the amount specified by the center


Head to the point of departure at “Ras Rayyah”


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